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When you need an excellent detailing service, turn to Auto Interior Renew (AIR). We are MOBILE. We come to you. Many auto detail shops clean first with harsh chemicals that may damage your ride or worse yet, cause you or yours an allergic reaction. AIR uses steam to kill odors, bacteria, bed bugs, mold, and mildew. There will not be any ill reactions, and it leaves your interior sanitized. We go beyond “clean” to restore the look and smell of RENEWAL. We clean leather, vinyl, and plastic with a special leather and plastic cleaner.


When you need exterior renewal, call AIR. We do not just wax over dirt, road tar, tree sap, acid rain, or any other imperfections. We thoroughly clean exterior surfaces. We use safe solvents to remove the most stubborn deposits from around your wheel wells and lower side panels. We use a clay towel to assure smooth and clean exterior paint surface free of all contaminants. Then we use True Grit, a heavy-duty compound with a wool cutting pad to cut and polish. It contains no silicones or waxes. It removes 1000-1500 grit sand scratches on both soft and cured paints. You will love and feel the difference. Guaranteed!

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Auto Interior Renew

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  • Mike’s Secret Sauce is an Instant Restorer for Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic.
  • Restores color and shine
  • UV Protection
  • Lasts for Months
  • Great for Bed Liners, Bumpers, Door Handles, Mirror Covers, Moldings, and More
  • *NOTE: Does not run in the rain

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